Kevin is a 1988 graduate of the Balu Academy for Dog Trainers, one of the only dog training schools fully accredited by the State of California. Since then, Kevin has trained thousands of dogs -- both privately and in classes.

Kevin has also trained his own dogs and competed in AKC obedience, NADAC agility, and made it to the finals of USDAA. Many dogs and owners trained by Kevin have won multiple titles in various competitions.

Kevin's primary focus has been one-on-one training to help owners have a great relationship with their dog.

How Kevin got started...

In 1985, Kevin and his wife became the proud owners of a puppy Bullmastiff.  Like many new puppy owners, Kevin was stunned at the expenses of the new puppy as well as the lack of good information about dog products from collars to flea control to dog food. So Kevin started doing research and frequenting pet stores to educate himself.

With the goal of someday opening his own pet store, Kevin quit his job and went to work at The Pet Department, the premiere pet store in West Los Angeles.  He also attended the Balu Academy for Dog Trainers and numerous seminars. Kevin soon learned that he loved training dogs and decided to incorporate dog training into his dream store.

In 1994 Kevin opened Animal Crackers, a full service pet store  in West Hollywood -- which combined his extensive pet product knowledge and dog training skills! 

After 14 years of success, Kevin left Animal Crackers to devote his time exclusively to dog training, which he continues to find both enjoyable and rewarding.  

Stores Kevin helped open or expand:

The Pet Department in Santa Monica
For Pets Only on La Brea
Collar and Leash in West Hollywood
The PetCare Company in Hermosa Beach
Animal Crackers on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles