Why One-on-One Training?

Puppy classes are certainly more affordable than private lessons. The advantages with one-on-one training is that you get all of your questions answered and all training is tailored to the needs of each household.  In a class of 10 puppies, the puppies will be of different sizes and ages and no two households are alike. These classes can be very frustrating because many classes move at the speed of the neediest owner.

What is Puppy Playgroup and how much does it cost?

Puppy playgroup was started in 1988 by Kevin and his training partner, Mona Webb, to help with puppy socialization and to provide a place where the owners could meet and talk about life with a puppy. Puppies must be under 5 months of age and have had at least one lesson to participate. Puppy playgroup is free!  Playgroups are held once a week and are welcome to owners and puppies during their training. Usually puppies mature out of playgroup by 6 months of age. Some sooner, some later.

Is it Safe?

All participating puppies must be current on their shots. In 25 years of Puppy Playgroup, we have never experienced any cases of Parvo or other serious transmittable viruses.

My veterinarian doesn't want me to take my puppy out until all of his shots have been given. I'm confused.

There is no debate that the critical period of puppy socialization occurs between birth and 16 weeks of age. It is an essential part of a puppy's development into a well-adjusted and socialized adult. Much of Kevin's puppy training mirrors what Guide Dogs for the Blind does with their puppies. Most veterinarians understand this program and endorse such early socialization. The benefits of such socialization cannot be emphasized enough and outweigh any minimal risk.