From Bob of North Hollywood:

Kevin is amazing!!! Not only does he take the time to get to know your pet - he also takes the time to get to know you and your family - and trains you to be the best pet parent you can be as well. I receive more compliments on a daily basis on the behavior of my dog Phoebe than I could ever imagine!  She's wonderful - and so is Kevin. I recommend him to EVERYONE!!!

From Robert of Santa Monica:

Growing up, our family always had dogs that were "trained" just well enough to co-exist with us. As wonderful as these pets were, it seemed we were always making concessions to accomodate their behavior: putting boxes on the couch so they wouldn't jump up when we left, tolerating their barking until the neighbors complained...again, keeping them confined when guests visited so they wouldn't jump on them, and we certainly would never think of bringing one into a friend's family's home when we stopped by to visit.

15 years ago, I had a new retriever puppy who was extremely mouthy -- it had gotten to the point where even strangers were commenting on the condition of my hands and arms, which were covered with scratches and abrasions from her constant mouthing with those razor sharp puppy teeth.

Nearing wit's end, I was referred to Kevin and his private puppy training program. It was truly a life-changing experience for both me and my dog. Not only were we able to stop the mouthing completely in the first session, but we established a foundation for learning that would last throughout her life. I was so impressed by Kevin's methods and my puppy's ability to learn that I quickly became hooked on dog training.

Kevin's Puppy Playgroup provides a safe environment for socialization with other puppies of all sizes, personalities, and stages of development as well as with other dogs' families, often including small children, which is so critical. A multitude of future problems can be avoided by participation in the play groups alone.

Recently, after losing my wonderful companion of 14 years, I adopted a new 7 week old retriever puppy. Having trained my prior dog to advanced obedience titles as well as field titles and remembering so much of what I had learned from Kevin about training the puppy, I assumed I wouldn't need to have him train my pup. After the pup had been in the house for a week, I realized how wrong I was; I called Kevin and arranged a training session and began visiting the puppy play group. The positive effects were immediately noticeable. After one session, the mouthing issues (once again) ended and the 10 week old pup wouldn't go near my shoes, socks and other items on the floor that weren't his. It is remarkable how much a puppy can learn at such a young age.

As you can tell, I can't recommend Kevin and his program enough. Like learning anything, it does take some work, but not a ton of it. Much can be accomplished in 10 minutes a day. And the payoff -- a well-behaved dog that is part of the family and who strangers constantly compliment -- is well worth it. I can't tell you how many times someone has walked up to me in public and asked, "who trained your dog?" 

From Amy of Santa Monica:

We spent just two hours with Kevin and before he left we could see an improvement in both of our dogs. As we work -- and it is work on the human's part -- to implement his training techniques, our dogs continue to improve.

Kevin clearly likes people as much as he likes dogs -- which is important because when training a pet you're really training its person in how to best parent the pet. Kevin worked well with our whole family and I recommend him without hesitation.

From Trish of Los Angeles:

Kevin is wonderful. In a single session, he gave us so much help, so much information, and inspired us to make simple, sensible, easy changes that will change our dog's behavior forever. I honestly can't say enough great things about him. We have a rescue dog with some behavior issues, and Kevin's insight into how rescue dogs can be different from puppies makes all the difference. He really understands our dog, plus he understands how we want our pup to fit in with our family and kids.  We've used many dog trainers over the years, but Kevin's the best. His techniques make so much sense -- so simple, logical and instantly effective. IF YOU HAVE A DOG, CALL THIS GUY. Even if you think you have the perfect dog, Kevin can make it more perfect.